Březen 2012


29. března 2012 v 15:12 | Kačka |  Obrázky
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.comTady bych Drewa ani TCiho nepoznala ...

po delší době opět fotečky

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Bounce Like That

18. března 2012 v 18:44 | Kačka |  jen tak všecičko

Jayk Twitter

17. března 2012 v 7:40 | Kačka |  Twitter
Bye bye duke!!! Hahahahaha
thanks sweetheart
I like you
haha you're amazing
again, beat them in the playoffs boo.
let's go on a hike! Haha
congrats you finally beat us. Do it in the playoffs
no need to smack talk when the heat beat them every time
I know its old news but my favorite Dolphin(Brandon Marshall) was traded today. Sad day.. They better know what the hell they're doing
I'm a thief in the night
MMM I burnt my tongue
That brings me to another thought... If I really did have a time machine, holy shit would I get into some trouble.. Dear Lord
I just built a time machine. So after you read this tweet I'll have already tweeted 25,000 times and been married with 2 kids

Jayk,David and Drew

9. března 2012 v 22:28 | Kačka |  Twitter
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.comDavid s makou imagebam.com Jayk ve studiu imagebam.com

Z twittru

4. března 2012 v 6:52 | Kačka |  Twitter
(Drew)All I know Is get ready for someone u may find sexy
(Drew) I know there's a lot of rumors about what's going on :) and that's fun lol but you'll see what's up...now until then TZ & DZ takeover!/And we are currently prepping to fulfill all ur needs concerning vfc :) ;) or the new band :) :) for lack of better way to say it./So we are well into this TZ & DZ album I hope u guys like it! There's pop, club, ballads, rap, pop rock it's a well rounded album we're xctd/Funny story!! Heard sum1 was selling VFC opera masks saying we wore them...um they're all at my house here In LA so those r fakes if u got 1/¨
(David)The new work out running shoes. What do u think?

new photo

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